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The Human, Grey, Reptilian Agency | June 15, 2011

I was having coffee with a Grey named D’xia’lepid’othec and a Reptilian named Jox.  Actually I was having coffee, D’xia was cleaning his anal probe and Jox was drinking a mocha-human-blood-frappuccino.  We were discussing current exopolitics.discordian society illuminati Human Grey Reptilian Agency voxnewman

Both of them, like myself earlier, were recently let go in the downsizing that followed the market meltdown in 2008.  In fact, Jox had only been let go last week and D’xia was let go a few days before that.  The Grey and I were quite surprised to learn that Reptilians had been behind the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and had billions of their liquid assets wiped off their books.

The two were very morose that day as the severance packages would soon run out: D’xia would have to buy a new anti-grav unit for his saucer soon and Jox would be reduced to drinking pig’s blood.  They were of the thinking that maybe the Illuminati would offer them positions.  I assured them that this group had themselves recently imposed a hiring freeze while they dealt with the Greek debt crisis and the NATO airstrikes in Libya among other things.

So, I proposed that they come work for me.  I’d recently set up a consultancy practice to help organizations navigate the deltas of the New World Order and my biggest client so far was the Discordian Society.  They paid very well for my information (although sometimes it was peanuts: literally) which they could then remix into disinformation.  D’xia was immediately on board as he’s the more cerebral of the two but Jox was reluctant as he still considered himself simply a blood hunter.

Only time will tell if this venture will prove fruitful.


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