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Buried Alive! Buried Alive! | May 20, 2012

Well, I neglected this blog for a year.  Yes I’ve been busy writing a new novel, but that wasn’t the main reason behind my online absence: I mostly blame the spam.  I never knew there’d be so much.  I think I’ve solved the problem by removing the old comment plugin and adding one for facebook ones instead.

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Also, I couldn’t commit to blogging due to not being home as much and using that time at home for writing fiction or for leisure.  Blogging on the go was impossible because my netbook was one of the early Asus ones with Linux and consequently, was perfect for writing prose in short stories and novels or poetry because it was so limited, but good for little else.  In addition, my old Nokia N84 was barely a smart phone: now I have a Samsung Galaxy Note; I’m using it to write this very blog outdoors, and it’s a pretty good experience.

Expect more in the future when I can tear myself away from my current project (which I’m also writing on my hybrid cellphone/tablet), Fey Tales.  I’m about halfway through this research-intensive book.  So far, I’ve completed the chapters on the Trojan War, the fall of the Tower of Babel, the period after the Battle of Thermopylae, Athens in Socrates’ time and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  In addion, I’ve set up the various organizations like the Illuminati, Discordians, myth-beast hunters and others.

Up next are the tales of the Knights Templar, Rasputin, Panther Company in WWII and a trio of imps out to make their fortune in the 80’s.  Fey Tales is part of a series that provides a backstory for Fey Girl and upcoming novels in the core Fey World tetrology.

I hope these facebook comments foster better discussion than the old type: if you take a look back at my old entries, I’ve kept the old stuff; there were tonnes more that never made it through the filters and it would have been a huge hastle to keep up.  That said, I see interesting questions I missed that I’d love to try to answer now if those posters from months ago want to re-post them here.


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