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Fey World | November 22, 2012

My urban/historical fantasy series, Fey World starts with the story of Jude Pender and his friends as they slowly discover that there is an underlying reality to the mundane, a reality in which the supernatural exists. 

In Fey Girl, Jude dreams of the Fae, an otherworldly dimension populated by Faeries.  He is contacted by Aedh who views Jude as a warrior to be sent against those who would upset the order of things.  This novel sets the stage for the events to follow in the Fey World series.  The series core books are a tetrology that tell the tale of a mystical convergence in the modern world that plays out because of events that occurred in ancient times.  The supporting books in the series (the Fey Tales collections) cover those events from ancient times up to the recent past.  These tales give a legendary back-story to the series and allows the reader to become immersed in the secret history of the world.

After finishing Fey Girl, I set out to give a solid foundation to the sequels by exploring history in short story/vignette form (or as I like to refer to as a genre I invented: the brief epic).  The series teases out the following questions:

What if our myths were real?

What if magic were real?

What happened to the old gods?

What happened to magic?

Why did mythological creatures disappear?

How did organizations like the Illuminati originate?

What are the goals of secret societies?

What would happen if the old gods returned in modern times?

How would the world react to the return of mythological creatures?

What is the purpose of the hero’s journey?

I’m just finishing up Fey Tales Book 1 and it will be available after several thorough edits.  Following that, I’ll begin work on the sequel to Fey Girl, Fey World Book 2: Fey Tides.

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