Vox Newman

The Sloan Period

June 19, 2011
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Prior to the Sloan period humans had discovered and rediscovered the art of creating artificial sounds that they then refined into music.  Leading into the period new forms of instruments had also been invented.  The ingenuity of humankind had also bounded forward technologically and this resulted in mixing the now widespread use of electricity with the instrumentation that was ingrained within the culture.  The most popular form of music was soon heralded by the electric guitar, which helped to market a new style of music called Rock and Roll.eras and periods of time sloan scale voxnewman

With this new popular form of music the economy saw an explosion of industries that branched off from powerful record labels.  For decades these cabals would control how music was created and presented to the masses.

Eventually this system broke down as more and more bands became ‘indie’ and eschewed the idea of working for the conglomerates.  The most common terminology for the decade that saw a rise and fall of independent artists and labels is the 90’s.

The ‘indie sound’ was imagined early in this period and sometimes overlapped with ‘grunge’, ‘brit pop’ and other sub-genres of ‘rock’.  Soon, though, many of the artists who were independently produced and shared the indie sound chose to give up their independence for cash while keeping the sound that had allowed them to do so.

Every major label desperately grabbed for any band they could.


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