Vox Newman

Time? Shmime!

April 6, 2011

I’m sure many of you have questions about time travel.  First of all, it appears that when it comes to Earth, the British seem to have the most experience with time travel.

Now, some of you might be convinced that time travel isn’t possible but you couldn’t be further from the truth.  Have you ever had sex in the 4th dimension?  This should be enough to convince you, as you haven’t lived until you’ve had time travel sex and this is why The Time Traveler’s Wife is the truest story I know.  Time traveling friendships are ok too.doctor who tardis police box time shmine vox newman

You also might think ‘Hey, things always go wrong when the future is involved.’ and therefore are wary of listening to the advice of future people.  But what has the past ever done for you?  That’s right, it abandons you, just like your ex.  If you ever get a chance, just embrace a jaunt through the 4th dimension!


Robotic Race Riots the Future?

March 9, 2011
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Robots: what are they good for?  Absolutely nothing!  Hwaa!

Call me a racist if you want but I think that most robots are a bunch of good for nothing bleeping and blooping layabouts.  Not to mention the stink!  It’s like they’ve never heard of an oil change with all those lubricants drying up and burning in their joints.  For iGod’s sake why can’t they take a Castrol bath once in a while?

I know, I know: robots are helpful and for the most part better educated than most of the people who were actually born on this planet.  I mean, case in point we wouldn’t have steel wool if it wasn’t for robot sheep.  And yes, they help make our cars, which when you think about it are like big robo-pets.  When the Decepticons come, I’ll totally want the Autobots to help us out.  Not to mention that they assist us with our genealogy research when we go to amusement parks.  So, yes, there are a great many things that robots do to contribute to our society.


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