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The Myth of Lower Taxes | April 21, 2011

When Canadians go to the polls this May, many of them will be hoodwinked: the reason many of them will vote for Harper is because they grossly misunderstand what Harper means when he says that he’ll keep taxes low or even lower them further.  They seem to think this means that they’ll be saving money.  This isn’t true.

What Harper means is that he intends (and always has) to keep taxes low for the wealthiest individuals and companies.  This group pays the bulk majority of the taxes, i.e. the money the Government uses to conduct business, but it’s not technically their fair share because they hold on to so much more wealth in proportion to the majority of Canadians.lower tax dollar sign harper canada election vox newman

Technically, what a just society would do is have the wealthiest participants turn over more of their wealth to the state so that the middle class and society’s less fortunate can benefit.  This would be a fair exchange since the wealthy rely on our support and participation in the economy to generate their wealth.

But what Harper prefers is giving the average Canadian a pittance of tax relief and the wealthy a great boon.  “Great!” you say “I still pay less taxes.”

No, you really don’t.

By removing access to the fortune the wealthy sit on, you get screwed.  Without that income, the government must cut back on the services you need and want.  Want a strong military and veterans cared for, local pools and rinks, roads kept up, paved and ploughed, police well funded and trained, protection if you lose your job, decent public transit, care for the elderly and infirmed, not to mention good healthcare?  Well too bad, if you like that Harper gave you pennies back on your taxes then you’re out of luck.

Not to mention the buses that take your kids to school, the teachers and programs that prepare them for the job market.  These types of services are the first thing Harper cut back on and he’ll cut them even further despite the fact that the education system is the best form of retirement savings people have.  Forget your home: property investment is not nearly as lucrative for the common individual as is the children they raise.  Those kids will be there to cushion the blow when Harper cuts your pension.

What Harper really means when he says that he wants to cut taxes is that he wants to screw your kids.


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