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Sometimes I Like to Cock-Block Myself

June 22, 2012
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As I was walking from my work at a Toronto club to my car, I passed these two ladies who I presume were waiting for a cab at University and Queen.


Though the pic I’ve included isn’t of them, it’s a close enough approximation.  One of them (the cleavagey one) was holding a long box with a pink ribbon under her arm.

I stopped. “Someone gave you a bouquet?”  (at this point my brain alerted me to the fact that I was inexplicably entering pick-up mode)

She shook her head and smiled. “It’s a body.”

“A corpse.”  Her friend grinned.

I raised my eyebrows and shrugged.  “A baby you mean?”


Toronto Murder Imitates CSI: NY Plot

April 18, 2011

This is something I just had to write about.  Recently, there was a murder in Toronto, Ontario near York University.  Check out today’s reporting on it here.

What is known so far is that a young woman, a student from Beijing, living near York University’s campus was murdered while her friend – thousands of kilometres away – watched on webcam.  A man apparently knocked at the door and asked to use her cell-phone; this man then entered the apartment and murdered her.gary simise csi new york toronto murder webcam vox newman life imitating art

This is, of course, a shocking crime and not to make light of it, but as soon as I heard about this I was reminded of one of the few episodes I’ve seen of CSI: New York.  Check out the scene I’m thinking of here.


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