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I Know of Kung Fu!

April 23, 2011

I’ve watched quite a few Kung Fu movies and I think I’ve got the gist of it.  I’m ready to hunt down that bully that works for the local gang.  You won’t have to pay protection fees anymore.  Well, not their protection fees, anyway.  Heroes got to get paid, son.

Let me fill you in on my credentials.kung fu yin yang shao lin scissor vox newman

I’m like the goddamn Batman.  I’ll come in and those criminals will be all “Who’s this guy?” but their lips won’t be moving properly in sync with their words and it’ll seem all weird until you realize that some unknown presence is speaking through them.

Who cares?  I’m gonna punch their faces off anyway.


Toronto Murder Imitates CSI: NY Plot

April 18, 2011

This is something I just had to write about.  Recently, there was a murder in Toronto, Ontario near York University.  Check out today’s reporting on it here.

What is known so far is that a young woman, a student from Beijing, living near York University’s campus was murdered while her friend – thousands of kilometres away – watched on webcam.  A man apparently knocked at the door and asked to use her cell-phone; this man then entered the apartment and murdered her.gary simise csi new york toronto murder webcam vox newman life imitating art

This is, of course, a shocking crime and not to make light of it, but as soon as I heard about this I was reminded of one of the few episodes I’ve seen of CSI: New York.  Check out the scene I’m thinking of here.


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